Intellect Development Incorporation (IDI) is a USA based organization formed to help students (mainly of age group 4-12 years old) to develop their intellectual qualities by offering society a novel and path-breaking method of education through the concept of “LEARN WHILE PLAYING”.

The Human Brain is a brilliant creation and at IDI we provide you an opportunity to workout your brain in order to achieve better concentration, observation, visualization and imagination, memory and instant calculations. We believe in looking forward towards the future and being prepared becomes very important therefore, our focus is child-centric and it is our passion to help them grow towards a future filled with success. Every child is different and we invite each one of you to come, join us, learn and excel effectively. Our programs will definitely show results and your practice will definitely take you to another level of your mental abilities. Take the step forward and feel the power you have within your mind.


  • At IDI, we aim at developing the brains of students thereby nurturing their futures.
  • To bring out the real leader in kids because at IDI we believe “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
  • To empower our students by imparting education that is compatible with current and futuristic technological needs.
  • To develop the competitive abilities in children to make them confident for facing future challenges.
  • To provide more business opportunities to franchises by doing research and development of educational projects and programs.
  • To deliver affordable services to reach all the segments of society.


Where you can see yourself ???

If you join us, we can promise you that your child in a few months will show tremendous development with better skills & qualities he deserves to be moving forward with. To be spotted easily as an intelligent student and a smarter person is possible if you utilize your time in self-development in which we provide guidance.

What we like & promote:

We promote excellence & success. We promote leadership of all the leaders who have taught the world, got people to follow their footsteps & guess what? You could be one of them soon if you move the right way… We promote the right way of thinking, a better way to see life. Every individual has the capability and it’s all about dedication in the end, we promote dedication.Let’s do it??


To nurture the brilliant minds and guiding them towards a brighter future filled with confidence and ability to make a change.


We visualize Intellect Development Incorporation as an internationally recognized, inquiry driven, ethically engaged diverse community, whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through educating & developing intellectual qualities of children among the globe.


  • Guaranteed brain development (if student performs regular practice).
  • Latest learning technologies involving high-tech gadgets.
  • Online registrations for every student.
  • Online practice papers available with unique user id and password on successful registration.
  • Android based Abacus and Math games making learning fun.
  • Flexible in adopting latest teaching methodologies.
  • Quality maintained material provided.
  • Regular training programs for teachers for quality teaching.
  • Affordable fee structures.
  • Complete Support from Education Department & Support/Marketing Team.

So, what are you waiting……?????

Get your child enrolled and take him/her to the another level of mental abilities by developing in them some of the foundational skills for learning like visualization, concentration, self confidence and much more….. and give your child a unique identity which differentiate him/her from the rest of the crowd in this competitive world !!!



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