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@ I CALC activities we make the students faster than a calculator so that they can perform simple mathematics operations on their finger tips within a fraction of time which will not only speed up the task but also increases their efficiency and performance by developing their listening skills and concentration. At the initial stage of a child, it is almost impossible to learn all the things in a flash. Abacus has this innate tendency to design the model for the good development of a child’s brain. The study has shown that the children which have used abacus in their past could perform arithmetical calculations more quickly and fort ably when they are grownups. This is due to the fact that they have the golden rule of calculating long figures with the help of broken packets of that figure in their minds and it allows them to perform more conveniently in the later stage of their life.


“Nobody is a born perfect, you work hard to get better and then work even harder to become the best.”
Exercise is one of the “secret weapons” to overcome stress. Fascinating research shows that our brain is capable of rejuvenating and regenerating itself throughout our life. Think of your brain like Abs, if you work out your Abs are going to develop strong, however if you do not work out your Abs they will close their definition and strength. Similarly, Brain workout is built to strengthen our brain and keep it sharpen and alert. There is a gym for physical workout but there is no gym for mental workout. At IDI @ I WORKOUT we provide such interesting brain treasures which are really helpful in brain development of a child. So no matter at school students cannot gym, but they can always workout @ this Brain Gym by IDI.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all, we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world , and all there ever will be to KNOW & UNDERSTAND.I DEVELOP is a specially prepared program mainly promotes the development of thinking of children with Fun & Imagination. As we believe the power of our brain is astonishing, we can live in the moment, reflect on the past and imagine the future. We can allow our thinking to wander in new directions. So @ IDI we help you make your thinking innovative with I DEVELOP activities. In order to be a future leader. I DEVELOP helps students @ young age to understand things a bit better which makes them confident to face the life ahead.


Memory is the sum totals of what we remember, and gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences. Memory is related to, but distinct from learning, it is the process by which we acquire knowledge of the world and modify our subsequent behavior, for example- We learn a new language by studying it but initially to speak we use our memory to retrieve the words that we have learned. Over the period of time, it becomes permanent. @ I MEMO Every child can enhance the power of their memory and write it anywhere, any time.

 I Yoga

What we think & what we do has a dynamic impact on our brain, our attitudes and ultimately our reality. As we know it all starts with the things we tell ourselves and the way we handle situations. Yoga is the only key to embed this mindset in our practical life. We read a lot about stress and its attendant health hazard but our body has a built in mechanism counteract stress. It’s called the “ relaxation response” and yoga is a great way to fire up. At IDI we believe that with this light of Yoga we can definitely put throw all negativity and inhale the positivity with I YOGA for children , they can get rid of all burdens like stress, uncertainty and can focus on their goal with extra concentration power of mind.


Some of us write with our right hand, some do with their left. No matter which hand you use, the output is more important. @ I WRITE  IDI  helps children practice writing with speed and accuracy. We can perform the “both hand @ the same time” writing act to activate both the side of our brain which in a way builds one’s  personality.


Isn’t it important to be aware about what is happening in the world around us? To be updated with day to day activities taking place. It helps us gain more understanding & Knowledge about the world. @ I NEWS, IDI  dictates & explain the current affairs to children in a way that they can be prepared to grow up with information helping them hold good conversations.